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Cappuccino Coffee

Everyone wants to change atleast any one of their behaviour in their overall life. Even I wanted to change many. I just come up with a 1 week challenge to modify the behaviour which we all wanted to change. Let’s try!

• Take a cup of cappuccino coffee (everyday morning) for 1 week. If you don’t like, take some other drinks which you like.

• while taking the,

1st sip- Make yourself calm. Just relax and don’t think about anything. Just relax…

2nd sip- Center your focus on where you want to modify your behaviour. Don’t think too much.

3rd sip- Think what else you can do to modify it. Give a pause before taking the 4th sip to think about the modification steps and something will definitely hit your mind for sure. Don’t think too much.

4th sip- Set the options which you’ve undertaken to apply as a target for a week and have your rest of the sips by tasting the cappuccino’s amazing taste.

Do this activity in the morning because our mind is in relax state during the day timing. This is just the 1 week challenge. Set your steps on monday and change your behaviour before sunday. It’s not that difficult to change our unwanted behaviour. Everything is possible.

Start applying it. You can definitely make some changes. Make it as your target/goal for a week. If you really want to modify, then you’ll definitely start running behind it and you can definitely make some changes.

Don’t think like: It’s too silly or why should I crush my mind while drinking a coffee or a tea?. Just a simple activity.

Thanks for reading!


Published by Lacsana Ravichan

I'm Lacsana. A postgraduate student. There are so many things running over my mind. I want to blow all those stuffs to everyone. I hope this blog will give u some info.

14 thoughts on “Cappuccino Coffee

  1. I think this post is written in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee.
    We have a tea culture in our family. However, I replaced it with hot water. Tea, coffee or hot water all works best to give you a brilliant idea every morning. Thank you.😊


      1. I’m good, buddy😊. I hope u r doing good. I’m not preparing because I’m doing my internship in hopital as a part of my studies. Don’t have a time to prepare. I tried to prepare but can’t able to think for the next post.

        Liked by 1 person

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