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Attitude…What makes you develop a favorable & unfavorable attitude?

Attitude is how much we like or dislike various objects. A person may develop a favorable or unfavorable attitude which is based on what kind of beliefs he/she is holding for themselves towards a characteristics of an object. So, everyone can easily understand that what makes an another person to develop a favorable and unfavorable attitude?.


A person may show a different attitudes toward different situations. Here’s an example, A boy, whose name is Allen suddenly shows a favorable attitude towards a classical music in a public environment but his family members never noticed him showing a favorable attitude before and they all were surprised and shocked. So, it’s not mandatory for an individual to show the same kind of attitude in a public and private environment.

Attitude Scales would be of a great help to measure the attitude of a person.

Suggestions: I kindly suggest you all to read the learning theories, Consistency theories and the Cognitive-Response Approaches to gain more knowledge about an attitude.


Published by Lacsana Ravichan

I'm Lacsana. A postgraduate student. There are so many things running over my mind. I want to blow all those stuffs to everyone. I hope this blog will give u some info.

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