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I’ve crossed 1 year….Very glad.

Snap of the 1st year achievement

First of all, I want to thank you all for giving me the support through out the year. I really got motivated by all your likes and comments though I have very few followers. All your comments made me to post more. Now a days, I can’t able to post because of my studies but after seeing this I got motivated again. I’ll definitely start posting and once again thank u every😊one. Hope you all will give the same support in future too.


Cappuccino Coffee

Everyone wants to change atleast any one of their behaviour in their overall life. Even I wanted to change many. I just come up with a 1 week challenge to modify the behaviour which we all wanted to change. Let’s try!

• Take a cup of cappuccino coffee (everyday morning) for 1 week. If you don’t like, take some other drinks which you like.

• while taking the,

1st sip- Make yourself calm. Just relax and don’t think about anything. Just relax…

2nd sip- Center your focus on where you want to modify your behaviour. Don’t think too much.

3rd sip- Think what else you can do to modify it. Give a pause before taking the 4th sip to think about the modification steps and something will definitely hit your mind for sure. Don’t think too much.

4th sip- Set the options which you’ve undertaken to apply as a target for a week and have your rest of the sips by tasting the cappuccino’s amazing taste.

Do this activity in the morning because our mind is in relax state during the day timing. This is just the 1 week challenge. Set your steps on monday and change your behaviour before sunday. It’s not that difficult to change our unwanted behaviour. Everything is possible.

Start applying it. You can definitely make some changes. Make it as your target/goal for a week. If you really want to modify, then you’ll definitely start running behind it and you can definitely make some changes.

Don’t think like: It’s too silly or why should I crush my mind while drinking a coffee or a tea?. Just a simple activity.

Thanks for reading!

Teasing someone is easy but receiving love is too hard

You have teased me,

by doin’ one thing which I don’t like.

You have teased me,

just to feel yourself good.

That’s when my heart broke too……”

It’s important to understand the way the individual is reacting to a particular stimuli . Be aware of the words you are using because that single word has a power to change even the life patterns of an individual. Even yours at sometimes. If your words are expressed like teasing someone and that will definitely have an negative impact on whom you have expressed the word. Think well before you talk.

Choosing career is really irritating

Hello, everyone. Hope you all are doin’ good. I don’t know, how many of the individuals find/found it difficult to choose their career?.

Most of them are getting irritated or undergo stress while choosing their career.

Each and everyone has several goals and having atleast one ambition for sure. Most of the individuals are having passions other than goals and ambition. It’s really too hard to reach the ambition stage due to many factors like financial background, situational factors, environmental factors, inability to choose or inability to handle the pressure of the papers ( If we don’t have an interest to study one paper in school/university and that will hinder us from focusing on the other papers with full concentration.

Many individuals work hard to make their ambition true but they can’t able to proceed after certain stage because of not having sufficient “money”.

I really found it hard to choose my career path because there were many ideas kept running inside my head and I was in complete confusion and dilemma. I cried many times because of those stressful stuffs and not had an ability to choose.

I noticed many individuals are good in choosing their when they are in 9th or 10th grade itself. This might be due to the enough exposures they’ve gotten from their school or from their family members or from the online sources.

A parent should not tell or force the child to do what they liked to pursue. It’s necessary to give a child an oppurtunity to explore. There are some parents who had an ambition to become a doctor/an engineer/an architect but couldn’t able to pursue when they were in younger stage and now try or force to push all those stuffs inside their children mind. Those kind of individuals are more likely to discontinue their studies or showing no interest at all.

All the parents want their children to achieve the good position in the society. In such case, they should allow them to explore rather than ordering them. Give them a guidance or tell them to get a guidance from their teachers or from their seniors but the guidance should not be like forcing, punishing or ordering to do something. The guidance must be like giving individuals an ideas regarding to their questions. Teachers, parents and other individuals (who’re expert in any particular field) are playing an essential role.

If your friend is coming to you and he/she wants to discuss about his/her career, and your ambition is to become a psychologist means, don’t tell him/her that psychology is the one and the only field which has a better scope when compared to to the other fields. Listen to what he/she tries to tell with patience and give a good suggestions and ideas to overcome this problem. If yoy are not sure, direct him/her ti any othet elder people.

Some individuals are waiting for someone to receive a career guidance. Try to help them and don’t push them to the stage of stress and depression by giving a wrong guidance.

Study clearly shows that depression is more likely to occur among individuals those who were undecided about their career than who decided.

Find out on which field you are interested in and explore more about it. Gather more and more data from the books and from an online sources and ask your parents and teachers about it. This would be the best way to choose the career.

This is also one of the problem which is faced by many individuals. This is also needed to be considered. If we can’t able to do a big help, we can do a help atleat in this way by helping a young generation people and create a peaceful stress free mind.

Thanks for reading😊

A Small Plant tour to improve the mental health

As we all know it, plants are helping us in many ways.

▪ Plants can also improve our mental health like in reducing the depression, stress, anxiety and more.

Especially, it’s good for a people with dementia.

▪ It makes us refresh. Seeing greeny areas can also improve the vision power for those using spectacles.

▪ planting can also helps an individual to connect with others that results in developing a communication skills.


What’s the best treatment for people with depression?

Before knowing the treatments for depression, it’s very important for us to understand that what kind of advice we are supposed to tell to the depressed person.





¤ ‘I have concerns about you’

¤ ‘I have noticed that you have been acting differently lately, and I wonder how you are doing’

¤ ‘You seem pretty down right now, and I wanted to check in with you’

People with mild, moderate and severe depression are very essential to undergo a treatment or a medication.

There’re 2 types of treatment: a) medication, b) talking treatment. Most people are treated by using a combination of both. The treatment options for people who have depression are based on the severity of the condition. However, many people will get better without any treatment at all, especially if the depression is minor. This can take several months, or even a year or more. The average length of a depressive episode ranges from 6-8 months.


1) Antidepressant medications– These medications can help people with symptoms such as sleeplessness, low mood, and poor concentration.

2) Talking treatment– It lasts anywhere from 12-20 weeks. Most common talking treatment include CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Treatment ), interpersonal therapy, behavioural activation, and even couple therapy.

3) Electroconvulsive therapy


1) Internet/ Computer- based CBT

2) Group- based CBT


1) Doing regular exercise

2) Diet

3) St. John’s Wort- herbal antidepressant available from pharmacies.

4) Supplements like omega-3 ( found in fish oil supplements) and ketamine.

Give your full support to the people who are depressed as much as you can because they need someone to share their feelings & thoughts. Don’t try to avoid them and don’t use the words that hurts them.

Let’s help the people with depression!

Don’t associate the normal feelings as symptoms of depression

Hello, readers. In this blog, I’m gonna share what depression is and what’s not?. I’ve earned a “diploma in depression” day before yesterday. So, I just what to share with you all whatever I’ve learnt and mainly I want to make you all clear that the normal feelings can’t be a symptoms of depression. We all would have came through some individuals saying, “I feel depressed”, “ I’m depressed”, etc,.

What depression is?. A group of conditions associated with the elevation or lowering of a person’s mood, such as depression or bipolar disorder.

● It’s actually a confusing condition. Simply, it’s more than feeling unhappy. If you are feeling sad today, that doesn’t mean that you are depressed. Rather, a person with depression feels sad for a month, year or even more than a year.


• Feelings of sadness

• Feelings of hopelessness

• Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy

• Crying

• Feeling anxious

• Being tired

• Having difficulty with sleeping

• Having no apetite

• Having no sex drive

• Complaining of aches and pains


Severe Depression – Those with severe depression have depression that affects their own lives.

Moderate Depression – Those with moderate depression usually have several symptoms related to depression, and their lives are affected by these symptoms.

• Mild Depression – Those with mild depression will have at least 5 depression symptoms, and their lives are only mildly affected.


● Exact cause is actually not known. There could be a genetic factor, and it might be triggered by another event, such as death in the family but genetic factor is also not a proven cause.

● Women tend to have depression more than men, and it could have a hormonal connection, as many women become depressed following childbirth or during menopause.


• Hypothyroidism

• Hypopituitarism

• Head injury

• Polymyalgia Rheumatica

• Early dementia

• Medications – some medications have side effects that mimic depression.


I’ll share some of the treatments for depression in my next blog.


Thanks for reading😊!

Is Dementia related to Mental Health?

Hello, readers. Why it’s important to know whether or not the dementia related to mental health?.

Is dementia related to mental health?. Yes . It does. It’s not a mental illness but a disorder of the brain.

What’s dementia?

It’s a progressive detoriation of brain functioning that occurs after the completion of brain maturation in adolescence.

¤ Dementia occurs as a result of the death of brain cells or any damage to the brain part that’s associated with thought process.

¤ A group of thinking and social symptoms that interferes with daily functioning.

• It’s an umbrella term for cognitive disorders.

• The individual with dementia loses his/her ability to think and loses his/her memory completely.

• Amnesia is very rare but the common prevalent type is dementia.

• The best known dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

What’s Alzheimer’s disease?

It’s a disorder which is associated with a progressive dementia syndrome, terminating in death. The onset may be in middle or old age and the symptoms include memory loss, withdrawal, confusion and impaired judgement.

• It’s most often found in older people.

• Features includes gradual memory loss, inability to think, inertia ( inactivity), losing the ability to communicate, etc,.

Depression also increases the risk of alzheimer’s disease but the symptoms of depression are often mistaken for dementia.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is made only after the clinical assessment of a patient. The diagnosis can only be confirmed after the patient’s death.

Some of the risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease includes, fewer years of education, lower income, current smoker, lower occupational status, head trauma and more.

Why don’t you adopt a bird?…Bird?

There are many people who have already lost their mental health during this pandemic lockdown because they weren’t able to do the activities which they had done before.

Most of us are more likely to be in a social groups like parties, circles of friends, clubs, cinemas and more. This pandemic has totally made us feel irritated.

One of the best way in which we can spend our time is by talking to the bird so as to avoid the isolation.

Buy a bird which you like the most. Teach your bird some tricks and words and that will keep the mind relax. Talking and spending time with birds or with other pet animals like cats/dogs will relax our mind than doing meditation.

She’s my pet. Her name is “Pinky”. I’m spending most of my time with her. She always makes me feel relax by talking and playing.

Some research study’s result shows that petting/owning a bird can reduce anxiety, stress, depression. It can also improve the cardiovascular health of an individual and also makes our mind even more sharp.