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I’ve crossed 1 year….Very glad.

First of all, I want to thank you all for giving me the support through out the year. I really got motivated by all your likes and comments though I have very few followers. All your comments made me to post more. Now a days, I can’t able to post because of my studies butContinue reading “I’ve crossed 1 year….Very glad.”

Cappuccino Coffee

Everyone wants to change atleast any one of their behaviour in their overall life. Even I wanted to change many. I just come up with a 1 week challenge to modify the behaviour which we all wanted to change. Let’s try! • Take a cup of cappuccino coffee (everyday morning) for 1 week. If youContinue reading “Cappuccino Coffee”

Teasing someone is easy but receiving love is too hard

“You have teased me, by doin’ one thing which I don’t like. You have teased me, just to feel yourself good. That’s when my heart broke too……” It’s important to understand the way the individual is reacting to a particular stimuli . Be aware of the words you are using because that single word hasContinue reading “Teasing someone is easy but receiving love is too hard”

Choosing career is really irritating

Hello, everyone. Hope you all are doin’ good. I don’t know, how many of the individuals find/found it difficult to choose their career?. Most of them are getting irritated or undergo stress while choosing their career. Each and everyone has several goals and having atleast one ambition for sure. Most of the individuals are havingContinue reading “Choosing career is really irritating”

A Small Plant tour to improve the mental health

As we all know it, plants are helping us in many ways. ▪ Plants can also improve our mental health like in reducing the depression, stress, anxiety and more. ▪ Especially, it’s good for a people with dementia. ▪ It makes us refresh. Seeing greeny areas can also improve the vision power for those usingContinue reading “A Small Plant tour to improve the mental health”

What’s the best treatment for people with depression?

Before knowing the treatments for depression, it’s very important for us to understand that what kind of advice we are supposed to tell to the depressed person. • “DO NOT TRY TO DEFEAT DEPRESSION ON YOUR OWN. • DO NOT DRINK A LOT OF ALCOHOL • DO NOT SEE THIS AS A PERMANENT THING. SOMEContinue reading “What’s the best treatment for people with depression?”

Don’t associate the normal feelings as symptoms of depression

Hello, readers. In this blog, I’m gonna share what depression is and what’s not?. I’ve earned a “diploma in depression” day before yesterday. So, I just what to share with you all whatever I’ve learnt and mainly I want to make you all clear that the normal feelings can’t be a symptoms of depression. WeContinue reading “Don’t associate the normal feelings as symptoms of depression”

Is Dementia related to Mental Health?

Hello, readers. Why it’s important to know whether or not the dementia related to mental health?. Is dementia related to mental health?. Yes . It does. It’s not a mental illness but a disorder of the brain. What’s dementia? It’s a progressive detoriation of brain functioning that occurs after the completion of brain maturation inContinue reading “Is Dementia related to Mental Health?”

Why don’t you adopt a bird?…Bird?

There are many people who have already lost their mental health during this pandemic lockdown because they weren’t able to do the activities which they had done before. Most of us are more likely to be in a social groups like parties, circles of friends, clubs, cinemas and more. This pandemic has totally made usContinue reading “Why don’t you adopt a bird?…Bird?”