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Why don’t you adopt a bird?…Bird?

There are many people who have already lost their mental health during this pandemic lockdown because they weren’t able to do the activities which they had done before.

Most of us are more likely to be in a social groups like parties, circles of friends, clubs, cinemas and more. This pandemic has totally made us feel irritated.

One of the best way in which we can spend our time is by talking to the bird so as to avoid the isolation.

Buy a bird which you like the most. Teach your bird some tricks and words and that will keep the mind relax. Talking and spending time with birds or with other pet animals like cats/dogs will relax our mind than doing meditation.

She’s my pet. Her name is “Pinky”. I’m spending most of my time with her. She always makes me feel relax by talking and playing.

Some research study’s result shows that petting/owning a bird can reduce anxiety, stress, depression. It can also improve the cardiovascular health of an individual and also makes our mind even more sharp.


Published by Lacsana Ravichan

I'm Lacsana. A postgraduate student. There are so many things running over my mind. I want to blow all those stuffs to everyone. I hope this blog will give u some info.

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