Teasing someone is easy but receiving love is too hard

You have teased me,

by doin’ one thing which I don’t like.

You have teased me,

just to feel yourself good.

That’s when my heart broke too……”

It’s important to understand the way the individual is reacting to a particular stimuli . Be aware of the words you are using because that single word has a power to change even the life patterns of an individual. Even yours at sometimes. If your words are expressed like teasing someone and that will definitely have an negative impact on whom you have expressed the word. Think well before you talk.

Published by Lacsana Ravichan

I'm Lacsana. An undergraduate student. There are so many things running over my mind. I want to blow all those stuffs to everyone. I hope this blog will give u some info.

3 thoughts on “Teasing someone is easy but receiving love is too hard

    1. Yes, you are right. But, there are some in the earth wanting others to be always stay in the low stage. As a result, love and joy breaks. Start sharing your love & joy even when you don’t like someonešŸ˜Š

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