#Smile Always

Hello, readers. Today my blog is about “How do we become happy?”.

Today, Some people can’t be able to feel or share the happiness that’s because of the negative thoughts which present within themselves and many forget to smile that’s only because of the gadgets. Positive🧚‍♀️ is the opposite of negative👿. Positive thinking results in success and it brings happiness😀.

▪The first important thing is that you need to understand “What is happiness?”.

“Happiness😍 is a pleasurable satisfaction that comes when the individuals needs and wishes are fulfilled”.

There are some factors influencing happiness,

• Health.

• Type of work.

• Work status.

• Living conditions.

• Balance b/w Expectations and Achievement.

What stops you from being happy?: 

• Comparison.

• Comfort zones.

• Negative thoughts.

• Having no patience.

• Living in the past and worrying about the future.

• Fear.

• Repeating the same mistakes.

There are some ways in which you can make yourself happy:

• Do what you love.

• Laugh more.

• Focus on the positive.

• Never bother about failure.

• Avoid fearful feelings.

• Be kind to all.

• Dreams about yourself highly.

• Appreciate others.

• Love all and loved by all.

•Don’t spoils the happiness of others.





#Come Out

Hello readers, this is my very first blog. In this blog, I share my knowledge of how to come out of stress?.

Stress is a most common forms of disorders present in the world. Almost each and every person of this planet has faced and is facing some sorts of stress or other.

It is very essential for all to understand, what does stress mean?

• Stress is a feeling of emotional strain and pressure. Stress is a type of psychological pain.

• A response ( eg: physiological response) to something in the environment.

Major Causes of Stress:

• Mental illness.

• Peer pressure: some give into pressure because they wanted to liked by everyone, to be fit in, etc.,

• Academic stress.

• Parental pressure.

• Death of a loved one.

Stress Management:

• Sleep well: Teens need to get a good and enough sleep and they need to sleep 10hours a night.

• Exercise and eat regularly.

• Avoid illegal drugs.

• Make time for fun.

• Engage in activities like listening to music, watching television, drawing, can reduce the level of stress.

• Art is the best way to reduce the stress hormone “Cortisol”.

 Doodling is an another way to lowering the stress and it makes the individual to become creative

How Parents Can Help?

• support involvement in sports.

• Monitor them always, If they’re under stress.

• Listen what they’re trying to say, don’t ignore.

• Let them be problem-solvers.

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