Attitude…What makes you develop a favorable & unfavorable attitude?

Attitude is how much we like or dislike various objects. A person may develop a favorable or unfavorable attitude which is based on what kind of beliefs he/she is holding for themselves towards a characteristics of an object. So, everyone can easily understand that what makes an another person to develop a favorable and unfavorable attitude?.


A person may show a different attitudes toward different situations. Here’s an example, A boy, whose name is Allen suddenly shows a favorable attitude towards a classical music in a public environment but his family members never noticed him showing a favorable attitude before and they all were surprised and shocked. So, it’s not mandatory for an individual to show the same kind of attitude in a public and private environment.

Attitude Scales would be of a great help to measure the attitude of a person.

Suggestions: I kindly suggest you all to read the learning theories, Consistency theories and the Cognitive-Response Approaches to gain more knowledge about an attitude.

Psychology & Mental Health


It’s a study of mind and behaviour.

It’s not mandatory for an individual to study the psychology degree to maintain his/her mental health. Instead, people can learn about some of the simple psychological concepts & theories to apply in their daily life.

Psychology helps an individual to unlearn the misbehaviour. It helps to reduce the stress, depression, anxiety, distress, family & marital issues and more. Psychology also helps a student in avoiding the exam fear.

Psychology talks about many things that include how the response of an individual (A) affects/influence the attitude of an individual (B) and how beliefs play an essential role in developing an attitude. I suggest you all to read learning theories, consistency theories and the cognitive-Response approaches to have a better understanding about attitude.

Psychology focuses on the development during infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and oldage.

Psychology also focuses on the personality of each and every person. To have a better understanding about personality, I suggest y’ll to take a look at type & trait theories of personality, dynamic personality theories, learning and behavioural theories of personality and humanistic theories.

Psychology also stresses out the importance of sensory processes, perceptions as well as the memory of people. It also helps an individual to solve his/her problem by making an individual understand the availability of strategies to solve the problem. It also helps people in making a good decision in their life even when in dilemma.

Our life is overflowed with psychology. The tasks which we are performing in our daily life are associated with various psychological concepts & theories. If we have a good understanding in the concepts & theories, we can even help others to overcome the negative events.

If the stress, anxiety or distress persists to touch the peak level, then it turned out to be a major problem called “disorder”. A disorder an illness that disrupts normal physical or mental functions. A disorder is needed to be diagnosed by a professional psychologist or by a professional psychiatrist who’ve an experience in the field.

Some of you might have got a question that how to pursue psychology to help people with mental and psychological disorders and to become a professional in psychology field?. To become a psychologist, one can pursue BA in psychology for 3 years and can go for masters and then the psy.d/phd. Getting a bachelor degree in psychology is the base for all the students to become a psychologist.

This is the time in which most of you might got a question that who’re psychologists and what will they do?. Psychologists can assess, diagnose amd treat the clients who’re mentally and psychologically ill. They mainly improve the quality of a people’s lives. Psychologists studies the human behaviour and the mental processes by interpreting and observing how people relate to one another and to the environment.

There’re various fields in psychology. They’re,

• Clinical Psychology

• Counseling Psychology

• Child Psychology

• Clinical child psychology

• Clinical neuropsychology

• Criminal Psychology

• Forensic Psychology

• Abnormal Psychology

• Social Psychology

• Health Psychology

• School Psychology

• Educational Psychology

• Developmental Psychology

• Addiction Psychology

• Engineering Psychology

• Medical Psychology

• Industrial/organisational Psychology

• Experimental Psychology

• Applied Psychology

• Sports Psychology

• Community Psychology

• Marriage & family Psychology

• Rehabilitation Psychology, etc.,

There are some divisions of biopsychology that says how to approach the study of memory. They’re,

■ Physiological Psychology

■ Psychopharmacology

■ Neuropsychology

■ Psychophysiology

■ Cognitive neuroscience

■ Comparative Psychology

What does Colour says about a Person?

Hello, readers. In this blog, I’m sharing my thoughts and views on the meaning of colours and what does it says about a person?.

What does colour mean?

The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

Colour presents everywhere in the world. Humans skin also differ on the basis of colour. In an individual, palm colour is different from the upper layer (colour) of the hand.

Hair colour also varies. In today’s world, youngsters are very much interested in applying different colours on their hair so as to make their look a stylish one.

Colour always have a magic because it always pulls a person towards its sides and makes a person more attract.Each and every colour has both positive and negative effects on humans.

Red colour always have more power and it looks bright. Some research study shows that, women are mostly attract to the red colour.

Fruits are differ in tastes, sizes and also in colours. Toddlers are very much attracting to the colours of the fruits because they love to see the bright colours. Colours present in “fruits” too.

Flowers also differ in colours. Each flower has its own unique colour, that makes the flower more beauty. Each and every colour of the flower makes the girl look at it. Colours present in “flowers” too.

Coulours and its meanings:

“Red” denotes the colour of energy, passion, action, ambition, determination. It’s also the colour of anger & sexual passion. You are always energetic to take any kind of action towards a goal when you look at the red colour. Bible says that red is the colour of “blood”. It also enhances the metabolism of a human.

“Orange” is the colour of social communication and optimism. From a negative colour meaning, it’s also a sign of pessimism and superficiality. It increases appetite. It also stimulates the mental activity.

“Yellow” is the colour of mind and intellect. It’s also the colour of optimistic and cheerful. However, it can also suggest impatience, criticism and cowardice. Research shows that babies cry more in yellow colour rooms. It speeds up the metabolism.

“Green” is the colour of balance and growth. It can be meaned as both self-reliance as a positive and possessiveness as a negative. It improves the vision. It also improves the effect on the eyes.

“Blue” is the cour of trust & peace. It can suggest loyalty and integrity as well as conservation and frigidity. It supresses the appetite. It basically produces a calming effect.

“Indigo” is the colour of intution. It can mean idealism and structure as well as ritualistic and addictive. It can also denotes devotion and fairness.

“Gold” is the colour of success, achievement and triumph. It’s also associated with abundance with prospering, luxury, quality, prestige, sophistication, value and elegance. Gold also implies afflence, material wealth and extravagance. It also denotes the loyalty, punctual, caring and organized.

“Brown” is a colour of friendly yet serious, down-to-earth colour that relates to security, protection, comfort and material wealth. It also denotes the feeling of loneliness, sadness and isolation.

“GREY” is a colour of compromise being neither black nor white, it is the transition between 2 non-colours. It’s a colour of unemotional, detached and can be indecisive. It also creates expectations.

“SILVER” is a colour of feminine energy; it’s related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides- it’s fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. It also denotes self-control and responsibility.

“PURPLE” is a colour of imagination. It can be creative and individual or immature and impractical. It also develops spirituality and deep thoughts.

“Turquoise” is a colour of communication and clarity of mind. It can be impractical and idealistic. It also denotes empathetic, caring and speak from the heart.

“Pink” is a colour of unconditional love and nurturing. It can also be immature, silly and girlish. It reduces the anxiety. It’s also a colour of feminine qualities.

“Magenta” is a colour of universal harmony and emotional balance. It’s spiritual yet practical, encouraging common sense and a balanced outlook on life. It also denotes an universal love at its highest level. It also promotes kindness.

Love the colours and fill your whole life with colours.

#Being Black is not a Shame

Hello, readers. In this post, I’m gonna pour out all of my opinions and thoughts about being black is not a shame.

I believe that black colour is an identity for a particular group of people. Many are still having the habit that they talk only with the white people and ignore the black people. I strongly believe that, it’s not their mistake. That’s the lesson they learnt how to behave with those people.

Parents play a major role in teaching their children how to behave with and how to interact with a man and woman with kind and respect.

Parents should teach their children, how to respect others irrespective of their colour, caste and religion. It’s very essential for the parents to teach their children not to take the classification of colours into consideration in their life. Teaching them on this basis, will help an individual (who underestimates the black people) to understand, how good they are in the society?.

Black is just a colour and it has several meanings but it will not predicts the person’s behavior and character. Everyone should need to remove the registered procedure of applying colours on the people to differentiate them and separating them into two on the basis of colours like black & white from the mind.

If you see someone who misbehaves, fights or bullies somebody who’s black, don’t hesitate to teach them because the one who fights with black is yet to learn, how to respect others?.

We are in the position to give him a royal salute because he had turned everyone to look at him. There are also many people who achieved in the society like Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, etc.,. Serena Williams, Christopher Henry Gayle and many more are still achieving.

Just think, If we have a white pupil instead of black, do we look good?. Obviously, we won’t. I’m not differentiating anybody here. Just trying to make it clear that everyone is equal in this world because we all are placed under a major umbrella of humans.

If those people tend to hear such nasty stuffs or bullied by someone else on the basis of colours, it will definitely affect their mental health. It may also reduces their confidence level and self-esteem level and increases the stress level. These kind of differentiation may lead them to get a suicidal thoughts.

For example, here are two images that shows how beauty the black is? :

Try to teach others that giving respect to others will add more value in their life. The way the individual treats others also makes his/her life more beautiful.

Problem Solving Skills

Hello, readers. Welcome back to my page. In this page, I’m gonna share, why should we need to develop a skills in solving a problem?. A simple answer which I could say is to lead a happy life. Each and everyone has problem but how an individual tries to solve it, is the major focus here.

What is problem?

Problem is something that arises when there’s a conflict between one situation and an another situation.

What is problem solving?

It’s a process where an individual tries to find out a solution to the problem which he/she had encountered in life.

Problem solving enables an individual to have a control over the environment. It allows students to work on their own pace and make decisions the way they explore the problem.

It also involves how an individual tries to overcome the obstacles by arriving at satisfactory solutions.

Person with the problem should think, from where the problem has arised?, who created the problem?, how the problem has emerged?, when it happened?, and what made the problem more severe?

There are 3 basic functions:

• Seeking information.

• Generating new knowledge.

• Making decisions.


There is a 5 stage model in solving a problem.

You may have a questions in your mind. The following questions are like, why should I need to go through all these 5 stages for solving a simple problem that’s because you would have never gone through such serious cases. This 5 stage model requires the people to look at it when there’s a big problem.


• This is the stage where an individual with the problem should understand the nature of his/her problem and its related goals.

• Individual need to frame the problem.


• In this stage, the individual should aware of any barriers that prevents him/her from achieving the goal.

• This is also the stage where an individual must identify, what actually created the problem?.


• Once an individual done with the above two stages, he/she has to select one or more appropriate strategies to resolve the problem.

• Individual has to develop a mindset that there are lots of strategies available to solve the problem.


• When working through a strategy, it’s very important for a person to look at four criterias.

Keep an accurate and up-to-date records of thoughts, proceedings and procedures.

Try to work through a selected strategy or combination of strategies until it becomes evident.

Monitor the steps with great care which an individual undertaken as a part of solution.

Feel comfortable putting a problem aside for a period of time and tackling it at a later time.


• It’s important that an individual has various oppurtunities to assess his/her own problem-solving skills and the solutions he/shd generate from using those skills.

• The process of self-assessment isn’t that easy because it involves risk taking, self-assurance and a certain level of independance.



Creativity is very much required to solve the complex problems.

Team Working.

Many problems are best defined and solved with the input of other people.

Emotional Intelligence.

The ability to recognise the emotions of themselves and others, will guide them to an appropriate solution.

Risk Management.

Solving a problem involves a certain amount of risk.

Decision Making.

Making a decision is very important part of the process.

No More Fightings!

Hello, readers. Welcoming you all to my blog page. What do you think when you look at the title?. Our conscious mind will take us to the fight between the parents, between the siblings, between the boss and the employee or between the friends and so on.

Fight do not know, who’s literate and who’s illiterate?. It occurs without any partiality in both of the literate and illiterate families. Humans aren’t the magicians to stop occuring the fights but they can control it, if they have a control over their aggression.

Why it is important to have a control over the fightings?. Everyone would say, to lead a happy life.

No family runs without a fight. How we are trying to come out of it and how we are managing it to lead a happy life? are the major focus here.

If you have a control over the aggression, then your life becomes so happy.

What happens to children when parents fight infront of them?. [ childhood begins at 3 years and ends when the child enters into the adolescent ].

A child sees his/her parents and develops many habits and behaviors that may be considered as “rude” for some people and may “good” for others. If the parents are fighting infront of the child, it would definitely affects child’s mental health. It can also have a negative serious effects on child’s academic achievement, wellbeing, happiness and so on.

If the child does something that is really good, then the society will start appreciating the way the child has brought up by the parents. Society usually make judgements and predictions on a child by observing the behavior and by seeing how they’re in the society. There’s always some connection between how parents are behaving infront of the child and the child’s mental health. Parents usually do not understand the effects and imapcts of fightings and they don’t even consider how it affects later years of their child’s life.

If the parents are repeatedly fighting infront of the child, the child observes everything and tend to repeat the same in future and there’s also a high chance to get affected. These children are experiencing stress when they move to the adulthood period.

Parental fightings are actually sucking the child’s cognitive ability, concentration & attention level, creative ability, enthusiasm towards sports and academics, as well as their active engagement in extra-curricular activities. These kind of children find it difficult to manage their marital life when they move to adulthood.

Parental fightings have a serious impacts and negative consequences and it shows its negative reflections on their children.

Parental fightings might be due to the finances, misunderstanding between spouses, not having an ability to adjust to one another, dislikes, etc.,.

Parents must understand that fighting isn’t the only solution to come out of the issues. They should develop the mindset that they both can deal it or manage it by giving up something for one another. It is essential for both the father and mother to focus on the mental health of their children. Parents must keep it in mind that their fightings aren’t only affecting their children but it also affects their own mental health too.




#Don’t tease them; Encourage them

Hello, readers. In this page, I’m sharing my views and opinions on “gifted child”.

  “Gifted children” are those who’re considered to be “gifted and talented”. A gifted child is one who has an exceptional ability to learn and they are meant to be having  high level of achievement capability in intellectual, artistic, creative and in some other specific fields.Their IQ’s are found to be ranges from 115-180.

 They basically don’t have an intensive attention in training when compare to other students but they have a very strong desire to learn more. Gifted students are present everywhere irrespecive of all geographical regions, racial and socioeconomic groups.

We have seen many people who have teased those children and not treated them as an equal being. As not being a gifted child, we got hurt when our friends or someother people would have teased us. Friends, just think, how those children will feel when they get teased by someone?.

  Avoid teasing them and give all your support as much as you can, which will help them in such a way to achieve their goals.

 Below shown image is such a very good example. He is a man who had faced a lots of difficulties when he was young but he’s now at the peak because of some wellwishers who had encouraged and motivated him.

Teachers play an important role in identifying the gifted children and they are the people who’re nurturing those children and recognizing their characteristics of giftedness among them.

 They’re extremely bright and very quick in grasping the ideas and concepts.

They are facing lots of challenges in their daily life such as self-esteen issues– being gifted accademically can make a child feel different from other students and it may even lead them to get bullied and depressed. Parents have to keep an eye on their self-esteem and ought to teach them how to build a self-confidence, guilt– parents have to talk with the child, If the child begins to feel guilt about their giftedness, impatience– they can get frustrate and at sometimes they’re not much patience with themselves and with other people. They may fluster when they can’t able to understand a word in a book. Parents of those children have to teach them to get relax when they feel agitated, friendship issues– they find it difficult to have a friend, attention and organization issues, etc.,.

 There are some early signs such as long attention span, high activity level, intense reactions to noise, pain and even to frustration, enjoyment and speed of learning, fascination with books, curiosity, sensitivity & compassion, unusal alertness and less need for sleep in infancy, etc.,. If a child exhibits a majority of these characterisics, parents may wish to have the child assessed by an experienced examiner to find out If the child is gifted.

Encourage them to do things they’re bad at- parents of gifted children have to encourage them. Avoid comparisons where possible- it’s really very important to avoid comparing them with their sibling or with any another bright children. Parents play an essential role in nurturing the gifted children.

The below shown image is just a difference between the “gifted learner” and the “bright child”.

Pleasure Can Be Anything!

“Pleasure is a mental state that humans and other conscious animals experience as positive, enjoyable and sometimes even worth seeking”. Many of our pleasurable experiences are associated with satisfying all of the basic biological drives i.e. eating, exercise, hygiene, sleep, sex and so on.

Happiness is also a kind of pleasure. Some may not be having it in their life. Many of the people are not at all ready to accept happiness as a pleasure because for most people, sexual touch feels especially good, which many feel is the most pleasurable sensation of all and some are thinking that they can get a pleasure only by having a sexual relationship. These kinds of thoughts are absolutely wrong because this is not the only way. We have a lots of availabilities to get a pleasure.

If people thought that sexual relationship is the only pleasure, need to look at the other sources which brings pleasure in their inner state in a simple way.

There are many ways in which people can begin enjoying all the benefits, that pleasure can brings a smile in the face. Watching favorite movies, doing something which you have never done before, going for a lovely walk or drive, reading a favorite author’s book, having a first sip of a cup of coffee in the morning, listening to the favorite music, smell of the favorite perfume, sound of beach waves can also brings a pleasure.

Sleeping at night and getting up straight in the morning can also be a pleasure because, those who have sleep issues definitely know the happiness of getting such a sleep.

  People who experienced anhedonia have lost interest in activities, they used to enjoy and have a decreased ability to feel pleasure might be the resson for not having a feel of any kind of pleasure.

 So, don’t miss out any of the simple pleasures which are readily available and closer to you. Getting simple pleasures are the most unassuming experiences we commonly take for granted. Pleasure Can be Anything.

Sleep & Health of Teens

Sleep is a health habit and an essential activity and it shouldn’t be less than the required amount. Many of the teenagers, deprive themselves to sleep in order to do their other works and they sleep less than 7 hours a night on weeknights. A few teens experience problems related to sleep like insomnia and so on. Many teen girls do not know the problem which is behind the insufficient sleep. Due to the lack of sleep, they may be tied to hormonal levels related to menopause.

Teens who sleeps less than 7 hours tend to get affect in their routine performance, mood, thinking ability, and especially it affects their quality of life. Teenagers who are going through the stressful life events can’t get a proper sleep. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, teens aren’t sleeping, just engaged chatting with their friends and spending time attending their online classes. This crisis probably the reason for their insufficient sleep.

Teens have to have a regular exercise, at least thrice a week. More than half of the teens are not at all having that much interest in doing exercise and not having it in regular schedule.

To many people, health is just simply of staying well and getting recover of illness. You can say, you are healthy when your “physical, mental and social well-being in a complete state and with the absence of disease”. 

     When you can get a good night’s sleep?

• When you eat a correct amount of food at night.

• Develop a routine schedule for awakening and going to bed.

• If you are awakened, get up and do your other works in another place so that bed is associated with sleep, not sleepness.

Having a good sleep is not only an important activity for teenagers. It’s very important even for a toddler and for an old.

You need to understand that sleep is also an important activity which you need to include in your regular schedule. Have a sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night, eat breakfast each day, do exercises regularly, and be fit to face all your challenges.

#Anxiety no more…

Anxiety- an uneasy, fearful feeling, is very common among all people. Anxiety bcomes so severe or turned into a disorder when an individual get locked in the problem or couldn’t able to come out of it. A problem might be his/her own negative feelings (fear, worry, etc.,) or it might come from other person. Anxiety disorders- anxiety becomes so severe that disrupts the normal functioning, are also associated with anxiety. Many adults are facing an anxiety related disorders. Some research shows that even a children ranges from 7 to 12 years are also getting these kind of disorders.

Anxiety can arise from many ways. A stressful events can also leads an individual to get those disorders. Some studies shows that anxiety disorders have a significant genetic component- heritability. Some people do not aware of any disorders  because they may not be having much knowledge about it.

Most of the people except from the pschological and psychiatry background do not aware of the disorders which are present behind the anxiety.They have to have a knowledge on this term and it’s very important, so that they should teach their child  not to develop anxiety. The important forms of anxiety disorders includes, 1.Generalized anxiety disorders- it’s not precipitated by any obvious event, 2.Phobic anxiety disorders- it’s characterized by extreme, largely irrational fears of specific objects or situations. Agoraphobia- a fear of going to public places and open places, 3.Obsessive- Compulsive disorders- frequently recurring, uncontrollable, anxiety- producing thoughts and impulses, 4. Panic disorders- rapid onset attacks of extreme fear and severe symptoms of stress.

Some simple solution to come out: If you feel yourself panic, tell yourself; don’t panic. Self talk can also reduce anxiety. Medication, Cognitive Behavioral Threpy ( CBT), exercise, deep breathing, building self-esteem, usage of relaxation techniques, etc.,.

Some natural way to reduce anxiety includes, give up the habit of consuming alcohol, walking, enough sleep, avoidance of caffeine, not to be a helicopter, etc.,.

Each and every parents has to teach their child not to get angry from his/her childhood itself, otherwise, it will leads them to get frustrate and even more anger after crosses the 12 years.

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