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Attitude…What makes you develop a favorable & unfavorable attitude?

Attitude is how much we like or dislike various objects. A person may develop a favorable or unfavorable attitude which is based on what kind of beliefs he/she is holding for themselves towards a characteristics of an object. So, everyone can easily understand that what makes an another person to develop a favorable and unfavorableContinue reading “Attitude…What makes you develop a favorable & unfavorable attitude?”


Psychology & Mental Health

PSYCHOLOGY: It’s a study of mind and behaviour. It’s not mandatory for an individual to study the psychology degree to maintain his/her mental health. Instead, people can learn about some of the simple psychological concepts & theories to apply in their daily life. Psychology helps an individual to unlearn the misbehaviour. It helps to reduceContinue reading “Psychology & Mental Health”

What does Colour says about a Person?

Hello, readers. In this blog, I’m sharing my thoughts and views on the meaning of colours and what does it says about a person?. What does colour mean? The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light. Colour presents everywhereContinue reading “What does Colour says about a Person?”

#Being Black is not a Shame

Hello, readers. In this post, I’m gonna pour out all of my opinions and thoughts about being black is not a shame. I believe that black colour is an identity for a particular group of people. Many are still having the habit that they talk only with the white people and ignore the black people.Continue reading “#Being Black is not a Shame”

Problem Solving Skills

Hello, readers. Welcome back to my page. In this page, I’m gonna share, why should we need to develop a skills in solving a problem?. A simple answer which I could say is to lead a happy life. Each and everyone has problem but how an individual tries to solve it, is the major focusContinue reading “Problem Solving Skills”

No More Fightings!

Hello, readers. Welcoming you all to my blog page. What do you think when you look at the title?. Our conscious mind will take us to the fight between the parents, between the siblings, between the boss and the employee or between the friends and so on. Fight do not know, who’s literate and who’sContinue reading “No More Fightings!”

#Don’t tease them; Encourage them

Hello, readers. In this page, I’m sharing my views and opinions on “gifted child”.   “Gifted children” are those who’re considered to be “gifted and talented”. A gifted child is one who has an exceptional ability to learn and they are meant to be having  high level of achievement capability in intellectual, artistic, creative and in some other specificContinue reading “#Don’t tease them; Encourage them”

Pleasure Can Be Anything!

“Pleasure is a mental state that humans and other conscious animals experience as positive, enjoyable and sometimes even worth seeking”. Many of our pleasurable experiences are associated with satisfying all of the basic biological drives i.e. eating, exercise, hygiene, sleep, sex and so on. Happiness is also a kind of pleasure. Some may not be having itContinue reading “Pleasure Can Be Anything!”

Sleep & Health of Teens

Sleep is a health habit and an essential activity and it shouldn’t be less than the required amount. Many of the teenagers, deprive themselves to sleep in order to do their other works and they sleep less than 7 hours a night on weeknights. A few teens experience problems related to sleep like insomnia andContinue reading “Sleep & Health of Teens”

#Anxiety no more…

Anxiety- an uneasy, fearful feeling, is very common among all people. Anxiety bcomes so severe or turned into a disorder when an individual get locked in the problem or couldn’t able to come out of it. A problem might be his/her own negative feelings (fear, worry, etc.,) or it might come from other person. Anxiety disorders- anxiety becomesContinue reading “#Anxiety no more…”